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Sunday, April 19, 2015

The UFC in Argentina

We have been very busy with the inspections again this past week. We traveled 4 hours or so to San Luis, which is east of Mendoza on the road to Buenos Aires, then another hour on to Justo Daract. In the search for the missionaries living quarters we ran into an 11 year old member boy named Patricio on his way to school who talked our ears off. Also a cute little calf tied to a fence right in town. One of the fun things about inspections is you get to try on any goofy hats you find! The sisters continue to out distance the elders in cleanliness by quite a bit in most cases. Here are a couple of the stars who wanted their picture taken by our car for some reason. We also discovered a little investigator living in one of the missionary pensions in Tunuyan. He seemed very shy and harmless and didn’t say much. We found him hiding in the freezer so we snapped a photo for evidence. On Route 40 between La Consulta and Mendoza there is an interesting character depicted in a 30 ft tall work of art. We didn’t quite know what to make of it so we just call him Sheriff Woody. We just give him a salute every time we pass by. On to the UFC! You thought UFC stood for Ultimate Fighting Championship…..well here it is the Under Freeway Café! In out travels to and from the mission office we pass by this overpass where someone got the absolute genius idea to use the space by the street under the freeway for a restaurant. Low overhead cost for sure! They set up tables with tablecloths and everything. I don’t know what they really call the place but we call it the Under Freeway Café. Fred kept saying to Linda that one night he would take her there to dine. She was very resistant and wanted nothing to do with going to dine under the freeway and 9 o’clock in the evening when they open for business. Well since it was our anniversary it seemed like a logical place to have an elegant dinner. So reluctantly Linda agreed and off we went on the one hour plus trip to Mendoza. They cook chorizo sausage over an open fire grill and serve it on a roll with several sauces. Smokey and noisy with cars and trucks passing by under and over but even Linda had to admit that the food was absolutely yummy!

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