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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Finally Settling In

Well we are finally getting settled into our new digs. We are living on a 30 acre vineyard in part of a large beautiful old farm house that has been sectioned off for us. Since we are the first couple missionaries to serve here a lot had to be done. Nothing except the drivers moves fast here so it was a bit frustrating getting AC/heating, washer/dryer, and internet installed. Yay! We finally have internet! Not blistering speed but it will do. The owner is a widow of about 3 months. Dalia is still grieving the loss of her husband and was in tears worrying about the grape harvest which started this week. She was worried that there were not enough workers to complete the harvest in time so we quickly organized a service project for the missionaries in our district. They were excited to help and spent a whole day in the vineyard cutting and hauling grapes. It is very hard work in the sun and you get covered in sticky grape juice. Yeah, we know they are wine grapes but the poor woman needed help and we figure the good will might go a ways in preparing Dalia to hear a message about the plan of salvation. The mission gave us a brand spanking new 2015 Toyota Corolla to drive. We went shopping last week in Tunuyan, the next city north, and parked in front of the store. When we came out the car was surrounded by 3 motorcycle cops and two on horseback. You would have thought that there was a big drug smuggling ring bust going down or something. It turns out we were partially blocking a driveway, which we didn’t see, and were given a parking ticket. Tried to talk them out of it but the taskforce was undeterred. $35 fine that had to be paid at the bank for some reason I cannot explain. So Fred is an official criminal in Argentina! Last Saturday we went up the road 3 miles and took a free tour of the Fournier winery. Yes, wine again! It was constructed over 3 years and completed in 2003 by a wealthy Spaniard at a cost of $20 million. It is very modern and looks like a huge space craft from the road ¼ of a mile away. It is huge with thick concrete walls and could surely survive a nuclear blast in the area. The Chinese Ambassador was there and got a special tour including horseback riding for him and his family. We have been out visiting some of the less actives in the branch which outnumber the actives 10 to 1 so you can see we have a lot of work to do. The language is getting easier to understand and we can speak better. We went to the district meeting today and gave a presentation and we understood most of what was said as opposed to last time where it was torture to get through. The Branch Mission Leader , Jose Coronel, and his wife, Alicia, who is also the Relief Society President have been very supportive and helpful going with us on visits for introductions. Stay tuned!

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  1. Looks like after 20 years the Maseda Family Flag has made a triumphant return to South America!!