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Monday, March 14, 2016


At the last branch council in February the date of March 8th was set for the next meeting.  President Polla asked us if we would be attending the meeting.  We explained that on the 8th we would be very busy preparing to leave and packing our suitcases because our flight home was the next day.  He all but insisted we attend so we told him to pencil us in and we would see.  As it turned out we got a call from President Goates on the 7th informing us of a new couple from Brazil that would be assigned to La Consulta and would we please cease from liquidating all of the items in our apartment so they could move in.  This was great news for the mission and us as it freed up some time in our preparations to leave. 
So we went to the meeting on the 8th and as we walked into the room where we normally have our meeting we were surprised to see the room set up for a large dinner. 
President Polla was out back cooking up some yummy asado. 
We had a very scrumptious meal and got a chance to say farewell to many of the our wonderful friends.  It was a tender moment as we went around the long table and embraced each one for the last time.  We will never ever forget our experience in that part of the Lord's vineyard. 
Our twin daughters and their families met us at the airport in Sacramento to welcome us and drive us to our home in Vacaville.  We enjoyed our mission tremendously but are happy to be home.  We tried to make our blog interesting for all and hope you enjoyed it.  We are grateful to our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ for this opportunity we have had to serve in Argentina.  This is the last entry as we sign off!

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