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Friday, July 24, 2015

Hokey What?

We hope you guys are enjoying summer there because it is COLD here with temperatures down to freezing and below almost every night. Our monthly outing with the other couples here was at the Mendoza Zoo. It was a fun outing were we saw lots of interesting and some boring animals. One interesting fact is that some of the animals have escaped from their cages and still hang around the zoo in the woods and shrubbery there. The lion walking around loose was cool. JUST KIDDING. It was mostly monkeys and some other animals we had never seen before. One of the highlights was watching a couple of grizzlies dancing, so to speak. Elder Carrea from Chile decided to try out his new theory on “scripture study by osmosis” during a break at our District Meeting. I think the idea needs a little work yet. Then there are the gangsta sistas from Valle de Uco Zone flashing their gang signs. No wonder half of our zone got transferred this time! Our Tres A La Vez in La Consulta was a smashing success. Like the others it ended with a talent show where we had lots of participants. We did our part by getting all of the missionaries from the US to do that long standing tradition that everyone knows but can’t remember exactly when or where they learned it; that all-inclusive dance; that icon of American culture; the HOKEY POKEY! It went down with resounding applause and cheers from the crowd. Now all of the Latino missionaries that saw it are doing it! The whiteboard exercise down at the town square was highly successful. We got over 50 contacts with addresses to follow up on. More than all the other towns combined! I love this town! Hmmm… looks like Elder Gray is also testing out the “scripture study by osmosis” theory. Pension inspections produced another goofy hat to try on.

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