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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Beast!

Well last Sunday was Father’s Day and we had a special activity for the fathers in the branch on Saturday. We met upstairs in our chapel and played games where all the fathers won of course and received lots of prizes all containing lots of sugar plus a new pair of house slippers. Then they herded all the dads into another room where there was a TV with a curtain rod going over to the widow that served as an antenna of sorts where they watched a soccer game between Argentina and Jamaica. The reception on the TV was not exactly HD. You could see the ball but not very well. They served hot chocolate and cookies to the dads during the game. Argentina won 1 – 0 and all was right with the world. We have had some problems with our water supply lately due to a worn out booster pump. It is not fun to wake up in the morning with no water. The landlord finally replaced it and we are good to go. The weather has been chilly lately with temperatures in the 20’s at night. We heat with gas here so of course the gas went out one night. When we moved in here Fred insisted on having heat pumps installed instead of plain air conditioners so we could have a backup heating source. Well it for sure paid off the night the gas went out when the temperature was in the mid 20’s. Ice sickles on the unit in the morning! Bought some candles today in case the electricity is next. We found a restaurant in Mendoza called Fidelitos. It is owned by an Argentine who lived for a while in the US. He came back to Argentina and opened a restaurant serving American style food which is very popular here especially with the missionaries. They offer a burger called “The Beast” that Fred has threatened to try one of these times. Still trying to figure out how to take a bite! They have on the menu listed as a starter the most scrumptious chili cheese fries that are a meal for two. We could not finish them! The work (yes we still do missionary work) is going well. We are working , along with the Elders, with the Valdez family who, as it turns out, live about a 4-iron away from us! Alejandro is a member but his wife and children are not. The Elders are going through the lessons with them and we are helping fill in the details and providing fellowship. They are now attending on Sundays and we are excited for them. Two weeks ago our District President came to our Branch and assigned Fred to be the Elders’ Quorum President. He should do well since this is his 3rd time around. Last week he gave his 1st Sacrament talk in Spanish. It went well. The people all said they could understand him.

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