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Sunday, May 3, 2015

It's Fall Y'all

It may be that spring has sprung for those in the northern hemisphere but here its fall y’all!! The change in color of the trees is awesome and makes for some great photo opportunities. It got down to the low 30s here last night and you would have thought it was 30 below by the way folks were dressed. We are staying warm in our little vineyard house. We went to San Martin this past week for more inspections. We are meeting some of the finest young missionaries as we travel around. There was a threesome of sisters living in their “castle” which is a member’s house with a small apartment. One each from Utah, Brazil and Peru. The highlight of the week was traveling deep into the Andes Mountains to a remote branch called Uspallata. It is nearly at the border with Chile. A beautiful little town in the mountains. The trip up had some absolutely stunning scenery. Believe it or not this first picture was taken by Linda through a glass window of our car doing about 60mph with an iPhone!! We had lunch there after doing 2 hours of repairs to the missionary pension. The two sisters were so thankful we did the work. The main item was a gas leak that meant they had to go outside and turn on the gas to cook then go outside to turn it off again to prevent the tank from emptying. Not to speak of not being able to use the heater at night. A couple of trips to the hardware store for parts and a little work left them happy campers. We then headed back down the mountains from above the clouds. President and Sister Goates were having a dinner for all of the senior missionaries and a farewell for one couple in Mendoza so we decided to take Route 52, the back way home, which we thought would be faster than the way we came up. It turned out to be more than we bargained for. A ride never to be forgotten! We knew something wasn’t going well when we ran out of paved road soon after leaving Uspallata and we didn’t see hardly any other cars. It turned out to be 40 – 50 miles of winding dirt road with a lot of switchbacks and very steep drop-offs. We were disappointed at first thinking of the obvious long journey ahead but it turned out to be worth it due to the breathtaking scenery and views. After the dinner Linda was the drawing winner of a Crockpot that the departing couple was leaving behind. I know that probably doesn’t sound particularly wonderful but since there are NO crockpots here it is a real gem!

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