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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hemos terminado la semana en el MTC

Well, we have completed our week at the MTC. The week was best described by Annette Wells as "Gospel Disneyland". There was a lot of good training and wonderful people to meet. It was also great to see and mingle with all of the young missionaries. Probably close to 1500. Approximately 100 were couples like us. Eating in the dining hall is like eating in the high school cafeteria. With the age requirement change the sister missionaries are almost half the population. They are actually expected to outnumber the elders in a few short months. It is reassuring to see all of their youthful energy and enthusiasm focused in such a good direction. Friday we got a call from our good friends Bob and Julynn Simmons who took us to dinner and then over to see some other good friends Terry and Danne Morris. We all had met in Indonesia when we were posted there for five years with the US State Department in the late 90s. The Morrises were serving a humanitarian mission at the time and helped us decide that we would serve a mission some day. It was great to renew our friendships and kick around some old times and memories. Anyway, we are off early Monday morning from Salt Lake to Atlanta then to Buenos Aires. We change airports for the last leg west two hours to Mendoza.

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